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the I/O balance

i’ve been feeling a little bloated lately.
no, it’s not that time of the month! (ewww, feminine body humor…)
and it’s not all that yummy Thanksgiving turkey, either.

i’m talking about my imagination. my brain. i’ve been on a sort of reading-watching-absorbing binge.

books. movies. websites.

>grab, gulp, munch-munch-munch, swallow, gulp. and again. and again.<

suddenly it was too much. and it led me to today’s tip:

to reach fully productive creativity, you have to balance what you take in with what you pour out.

yes, it’s also about quality. “garbage in, garbage out” is true.

but even if you’re taking in the best possible stuff, you need to be sensitive to your inner cycle of creativity. there will come a moment when you just have to put down the book (or remote) and stop all incoming calls and ideas and visuals and pour some of your own stuff out. because if you don’t, you will likely lose it.

this moment doesn’t always feel the same. but i’ve learned to recognize and honor it whenever (and however) it appears.

  • sometimes it’s an urgent desire to sit and write.
  • sometimes it’s such a clear mental image that i know it’s important to capture it.
  • sometimes it’s a holy discontent, an inexplicable restlessness.

learn to recognize how it shows up for you.

and when that moment comes–oh!
when it comes, put everything else on hold.
freeze the world!
and just create. write, write, draw, draw, whatever it is, don’t stop until you’ve poured out everything that’s inside you.

even if it takes days.

so if i disappear for a few days (or weeks), you’ll know what happened to me.

don’t send in the cavalry.
just smile, and nod knowingly.

it’s a creativity explosion.
and i’m at ground zero.

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