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breathe into me

a rosy friend of mine turned me onto this song, “breathe into me” by red. (woulda embedded it, if i could)


i love music.
(yah, you’ll hear a lot about the stuff i love in this blog.)

there’s no style of music that i can say
“i’ll never like any of that.”
i’m always surprised.

i used to say, “i hate country music — bunch of whiny cowboys.” then i realized that they do some great storytelling in those country songs. then i said, “i hate rap — bunch of cranky noisemakers.” then i heard how lyrical those rap-poets can be and even found some whose musical rhythm i could jam to. wow.

so now i say “never say never”.
and “i don’t hate any musical style”.
and stuff like that.

so, anyway, back to the YouTube link above.
watch the video, hear the music.
i won’t have to say another word.
other than, “it’s so true!”

but you can come back
and tell me what you think,
if you want.

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