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from artsy mood blog to packing a PUNCH

okay, so i started this blog in a very artsy artistic mood. you know that time of the creative cycle when emotions are roiling around inside and you just have to CREATE, EXPRESS, REACH OUT to the world in some way. when you’re feeling like the solitary artist high on the mountain (or deep in the dungeon) and you cry out, just wanting to know if there’s anybody out there…

all well and good. good for art, anyway. good for poetry, or for writing in one of those sweet leather diary journals you can get at Borders bookstores.

not necessarily good for blogging.

new year, new thoughts

over the turn of the year, as 2007 breathed its last and before 2008 really picked up its little head and started crawling forward, i took a class of sorts in the business of blogging. i learned a lot about what people expect, what factors into blog success, and a lot of technical stuff about WordPress and plug-ins and such.

on the one hand, i was horrified at the mundanity of it all. did you know? people are lured by the same old triggers all the time. post titles like “6 Surefire Tips for…” and “The Nasty Little Secret that…” are bringing the clicks again and again. it seems so manipulative! and yet, i see myself clicking on them, too, if it’s a topic of interest. there’s just no arguing with what works, i guess. *sigh*

i’ve always bucked the norm, fought the system, wanted to be different, unique and in all ways different from the “average”. it’s a disturbing thing to hear that my best chance of success — even in creative endeavors — may involve a certain amount of “going with the flow”.

well, i’m not convinced about that, yet. we’ll see.

a little sensationalism is fine, if it’s still true to the content. heh. but if you see me use a title that promises more than i give in a post, please call me on it. help me stay on the creative straight and narrow.

to “i” or not to “i”, that is the question

meanwhile, i’ve decided to stick with the lower case titles, sentence starts and even most pronouns for now. there’s something i emotionally relate to when i write this way, and i hope it reaches you the same way. it’s about humility and relational acceptance, the need to connect, and an openness to others’ opinions and styles.

however… sometimes it makes the sentences run together, and slows down the reading… so i may have to abandon it if enough readers say it’s a problem. in the end, i’m here to sally forth creatively and take you all with me, so if using lower case “i” and starting sentences with lower case letters is keeping you from reading — LET ME KNOW.

i’m sure i can adjust.

just because i love you.


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