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I am a creative genius with decisions of grandeur – and you can be too

There are thousands of us out here: creative artists or writers with great dreams of making a living doing our art. And there are thousands of obstacles between us and our destinies, and probably millions of excuses that we’ve allowed to block our progress, in one way or another.

Well, NO MORE.

I’m here to say “I’M LIVING THE DREAM” and I believe you can, too. So stay tuned and sign up for my RSS feed to get regular shots in the arm from Dr. Thea, CgD. Everything from resources you can use (Photoshop brushes, links to great online freebies, etc) to practical tips on being more creative and achieving your dreams, one step at a time.

Tried and true

And listen, you’ve got my commitment that this isn’t empty, regurgitated theoretical advice I read in a book somewhere. I’m gonna tell it to you like it is for me every day. If I give you a tip, it’s gonna be ’cause I walked it out myself and proved it works.

chrome hill…, originally uploaded by tricky â„¢.

Ready for the ride? I am! If you’re on this creative journey, too, let’s link arms and travel it together for a while. Two heads are better than one, they say. When it comes to creativity, it’s absolutely true. Just imagine what we’ll have when there’s a hundred or thousand of us together? Sounds like heaven to me.

Let’s get started.

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