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Be amazing. Do what you love. Find others to share it with.

Excerpt from the end of the video and words of wisdom from Benjamin Von Wong for us all:

The people you want to work with to achieve the best results are not the most qualified professionals or the ones with the best credentials or the most experience. But it is the people that have the most passion and that really, really want to be involved. If you work with individuals who are as passionate as you are about success, you can’t fail. You can only succeed.

The three-step key to success:

1. Do [stuff] that you love.

2. Work with people who love [stuff] that you do.

3. Make good [stuff].

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Well, you know what I mean.

Check out Von Wong’s blog for more about the underwater photoshoot or see him on Flickr or 500px.

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