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Oh. So you found me. Good!

(I think.)

Welcome. The “temple asylum” is my refuge, my sanctuary, a quiet corner to share my creative ideas and observations. A nexus to others of like mind. I believe there are others. Out there. Somewhere.

Come here. Closer. Let me get a look at you.
No, don’t be afraid, really.
What have you heard about me, anyway?
I’m a willing slave to my creative Genius, but that doesn’t make me crazy.
If you’re like me, then you understand.
Don’t you?

Call me Thea.
You’ll find me here in Northern California most of the time.
I write, I illustrate, I cheer on my creative friends.
I sing, I write songs. I fumble with the piano.
I make screens, scenes, I mean I’m a scriptwriter.
Yeah, all of that. And more.

Creativity flows like blood through my veins — wait, no! Blood flows like creativity through my veins. My doctors are pretty certain it’s just blood. But I’m pretty certain it’s a metaphor, oh! — sshhhhh!

Did you hear that? I think I heard someone watching us.
He breathes like he’s interested in you.


It’s probably my creative Genius again. He’s always there.
Sometimes it’s just more obvious than others.

Do you know what I mean? Do you have that sense that there’s something bigger than yourself that you touch (or that touches you) when you’re in your creative process? Something other.

I refer to that spirit as my creative Genius, among other things. I say ‘him’ but he’s not strictly male. nor female. He never leaves, but he seems to enjoy a good game of hide and seek. I hear him all the time, here in the asylum. Whispering. Hinting. Beckoning.

That’s the temple part of temple asylum.
It’s a place to meet that other that is speaking through us, speaking to us.

Hmph. there I go again.
Anyway, if anything I post here rings a bell with you, then email me.
Or drop me a line on Twitter.

No, really, really. It’s kinda the point. I post and say “hello, world” and the world says something back. Yeah. That’s how it works.

Don’t you think so?



P.S. Here’s another page with tips on how to use this blog.