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Weird crossovers: #DnD hamburgers and culinary horror art

In the weird but brilliant category, we now have — creepy horror food!

funeral meat by evan campbell on Deviantart

Funeral Meat by evan campbell on Deviantart

Not something I expected to show up in my Twitter feed today, but admittedly very well done. This guy ought to work as a speculative movie prop maker!

D & D… hamburgers?

And then there was this… the hamburger alignment chart, Dungeons & Dragons style.


Read more about the restaurant that serves these burgers on That’s Nerdalicious.

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There’s just something about vampires…

And all the more when they are Japanese. This is the post where I tell you my favorite vampire anime. There are plenty of top 10 lists out there, but these are the ones that I enjoyed. I hope you do, too. Vampire Hunter D This is the one that started it all. I think […]

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