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David Mack on art, creativity and how long it takes

Speaking of David Mack (and don’t bother telling me you weren’t, because the point is that I’m speaking of him and you’re gonna love this), I made this thing a while back based on a fantastic piece of advice he’d given some art students.


If you’re an artist, a writer, any kind of creative, this is the kind of advice to take to heart. It’s all about showing up, doing the work, not caring what people think but showing them what you’ve got anyway. Not because your work is awesome but because it’s worth it and even if it doesn’t measure up to what you know it can be, the only path to that greatness is by doing the work of BEING the artist, the writer, the creative. Forever.

Yeah, so. Get right on that. ‘Cause I think you’d rock it.

P.S. You know who David Mack is, right? Author and artist of the Kabuki comics? Comic cover artist extraordinaire? 

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