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Using this blog

I suppose it’s the technical writer in me.

> Should I even admit there’s a tech writer in me? <

I want you to understand what I’m doing, how to interpret what I’m saying here. In this blog.

I want you to use it to your advantage.

Sometimes it’s pretty straightforward: a tip, a tutorial, a downloadable resource. I’m sure you know what to do with those.

But interwoven throughout all these is something else: a groping about in the light, trying to describe what I see.

Use the categorization as a guide

I’ve tried to categorize every entry in a user-friendly way. Once you get familiar with each category, you’ll know if a given post is what you’re looking for or not.

For example, if you’re looking for photoshop brushes, it’s obvious.
If you enjoy my creativity tips, ta-da! There they are.

The iffy part is probably the rest of it. My observations category is the seemingly random stuff that goes through my head on a day to day basis. They tend to ramble a bit, despite my best efforts to keep those entries focused. Over time, I expect they’ll get more crisp.


However, they ramble in a useful direction, at least for me. They spark conversation and comments. They invite others to observe things themselves. I hope.

The personal category is just me.
Me, spilling my coffee.
Me, “tasting it again for the first time”.

Some of you will care about these, relate to them, commiserate. Others will skip them.

That’s as it should be.

Don’t be a spectator! Take action! Join the inmates initiative!

I try to include a call to action in most of the entries. Not because it will benefit me somehow, but because I share my journey in order to help others. To prompt. To prod.

The ancient wisdom says:

DO what you hear, don’t just listen.

If you listen only, you deceive yourself, adding head knowledge without actually obtaining the reality of what you’ve learned. I’ve been training myself in this area, too. The things I write here I MUST also do, or I’m a hypocrite. So this blog is my challenge to myself to DO what I know I should do.

Open invitation

Join me,
and together we can rule the galaxy!

>Did you just hear James Earl Jones’ voice?
Or was that just me?<

I hope that the many creatives who will eventually come to this blog (and I won’t actively promote it until I get more useful content online) will begin to comment and interact over a shared passion.

Writing. Art. Comics. Manga and anime.
Science fiction. Fantasy. Speculative fiction of all flavors.
Photoshop techniques. Fav art websites.
TV series. Movies. Screenwriting. Whatever.

Just don’t get it?

Of course, if you find my content useless, hard to understand, or just don’t relate to it at all, well…

I’m sure you can find something on YouTube to entertain you. Go with my blessing!