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online delights

the Net is an amazing thing. i can spend days, oh who am I fooling? i could spend years simply browsing and reading the works of other creatives. and especially the works of creatives so much more practiced than i! a site that never disappoints is it’s like sneaking up to their door, creeping in through the window, tip-toeing along the hall and peeking into the studios of so many talented artists. only it’s not illegal, occifer. not a bit. perfectly legit.

and to think! most of them are students! they haven’t even launched into their professional careers yet (some, anyway)!

check out some of my favorites from a single browse-fest (and this was just the cream of the crop — as you can see, i must limit my browsing sessions or they will consume a-l-l my time):

<contented sigh>

the world is full of talented people. and with the Net around, we don’t just sit in our little world and stew anymore. well, we don’t have to, anyway. we get to jump into a global pot and provoke each other to keep trying, keep going, keep living. sorta makes me sit back in awe, and try to grasp the implications. i wonder how it will be in another ten or twenty years?

<starts to fidget>

i wonder how long it will be before i have anything worthy to post online?

<wanders down the long stone hall of Temple Asylum, muttering and gesturing, hugging self encouragingly>


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  1. Arbalest Rose November 29, 2007 at 9:07 am #

    can’t access most of these pics. not your fault. I blame hughey, my satellite dish.

    hehe. *hugs self encouragingly also*

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