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simple swirls brushes

yet another example of the subtleties and individuality of art.

i needed some simple swirls for an image this week. i’ve seen plenty of gorgeous swirl brushes for illustrator and/or photoshop in my web browsing this year.

“no prob,” i thought. “i’ll just use one of those.”

so i download a bunch of promising .abr files. a week or two ago, i posted about a few of the best brush artists i found in my search.

they’re lovely.
i install them.
and then, well…
after all that work (including researching the usage terms for each so i wouldn’t violate copyrights)…

they’re just not it.

for reasons unique to my artistic path, they just didn’t fit. *le sigh* (as a dear batty friend of mine sometimes says)

after all that, i had to make my own swirls. and (i feel silly admitting this) it was easier than i thought, went quicker than i guessed, and (of course) was exactly what i needed for that moment. go figure.

i suppose i might go straight to making my own the next time around.

besides, then i can offer more goodies to you when you visit! here’s a cute swirly fish i made in illustrator with the vector version of the brushes:

swirly vector fish

and here’s what the swirls look like by themselves:
simple vector swirls

they are high-res (2500px) brushes, and i included a smaller res version (~500px) for each brush in the photoshop library. just in case you’re like me and work a lot on the web with lower-res graphics.

go ahead!
download and freely use these,
per the terms of use ONLY, please:

Creative Commons License

This work by Thea Miller is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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