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Starting over again

Wow. Has it really been FIVE years since I last blogged here? Forgive me, friends. Uhh…. friends…?

Ah, yes.

I suppose I knew that.

Knew that I would return to dusty halls and long echoes. Unused chairs and cold fireplaces.

*claps the dust off hands, brushes dust off knees*

Well, so be it! Starting from scratch. And let me say, the first thing to go will be that horrid all-lower-case writing! It just never took off. I used to love the humility of it, the vulnerability it portrayed in chats. Or perhaps the innocence of those who have yet to grow up and Capitalize Their Words Properly.

But dude, it’s hard to read!

The stream of consciousness thing will probably stick around, though. Because this IS the asylum, after all. And if you don’t get that, if you don’t NEED asylum, then hey. Move along, nothing to see here.

But if you stay, welcome.

If you’re one of us, one of the Inmates, welcome.

Refugees, welcome.

Pull up a dusty chair, and introduce yourself.

Meanwhile, I’ll be working on a revamp of the blog design, an update to the software that runs this thing, and other sundry wonders. This blog layout was five years ahead of its time, but now it’s a little clunky.

For now, follow me on Twitter to get the latest action.

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