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looking before i leap

i like to create.
and just look! perfect timing! i was born in an age of global publishing technology.
gotta love that.

lately i’ve been browsing around the Net for photoshop brushes and patterns that i can use. some really quality work is being shared by the generous hearts of other creative people. how cool is that? take a look at some of these:

well, as rich as the Web is with resources, you can’t always find exactly what you need.

so the other day i created my own photoshop and illustrator brushes for a digital image project. everything i needed to learn was available in online tutorials. i finished the project, and now i can share my work with others so they can benefit from my creativity. it’s like the cycle of life. Internet-style.

i was all set to slap a Creative Commons license on my stuff and post it, when the voice of reason (this guy i know really well) popped up with the reminder that licenses are legal contracts.

and one should never enter into legalities lightly.

leap, originally uploaded by tricky â„¢.

so… you’ll just have to wait a few more days before i post any brushes of my own.

don’t hold your breath.
i hear that can cause respiratory problems.
but anticipate as keenly as you like!

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